Kong Recipes: Delicious Treats For Puzzling Pups

Kong toys are hollow rubber toys designed to be stuffed with treats to provide dogs with mental and physical stimulation. They were originally created by Joseph Markham in the 1970’s to keep his dog busy and help curb destructive behavior. As described in “5 Reasons KONG Chew Toys Will Make Your Dog Happier” on the Kong Club website, Kong toys are beneficial for dogs’ oral health as the natural rubber helps control plaque, promotes clean teeth, and removes food particles as the dog chews [1].

Stuffing Kong toys with homemade recipes provides further enrichment for dogs by making them work to access the treats inside. This engages their natural foraging instincts and keeps them mentally stimulated. The recipes in this article will provide delicious and healthy options to fill your dog’s Kong with.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about stuffing Kong toys. We’ll go over basic guidelines, recipe ideas using simple dry and wet ingredients, full Kong stuffing recipes, adjusting recipes for your dog, safety tips, keeping it exciting for your pup, and more.

Basic Kong Stuffing Guidelines

When stuffing a Kong, it’s important to follow some basic guidelines to keep your dog safe and engaged. Here are some tips on ingredients and adjusting recipes appropriately:

Use both wet and dry foods for stuffing. Some good options are peanut butter, canned food, cottage cheese, yogurt, mashed fruits and veggies, ground meat, kibble, dog biscuits, cheese, apple sauce, etc. You can also use frozen foods like broth, puréed fruits/veggies, yogurt, or canned food.

Avoid large chunks that could present a choking hazard. It’s best to use bite-sized or easily mashed pieces. You can block the small Kong hole with peanut butter first to keep small pieces contained.

Adjust recipes based on your dog’s size and age. For puppies, keep ingredients soft. For seniors, avoid hard foods. Supervise your dog at first to ensure proper chewing and consumption. Refer to package guidelines for recommended sizes.

Simple Dry Ingredients

Dry ingredients like kibble, biscuits, dental treats, and chews are easy go-to options for stuffing a Kong. These ingredients don’t require any prep and can provide longer lasting stimulation and chewing satisfaction compared to wet fillings.

Kibble or biscuits are a great way to turn mealtime into a game. Simply fill the Kong with your dog’s regular dry food. The Kong turns dinner into a challenge as your dog works to get the kibble out. This is especially good for dogs who eat too fast, as it slows them down. Plus, it provides mental stimulation. You can mix in a few treats or chews along with the kibble to vary the textures.

Dental treats or chews help clean your dog’s teeth while they gnaw. Look for treats and chews designed to scrape plaque and tartar off teeth. Be sure to select an appropriately sized chew for your dog to avoid choking hazards.

Some examples of dry ingredients to use include: kibble, biscuits, dental sticks, jerky treats, freeze dried treats.

Simple Wet Ingredients

Wet ingredients like canned dog food, cottage cheese, unsweetened yogurt, and mashed fruits/veggies can make great additions to Kong recipes. The moisture helps the ingredients stick to the Kong better.

Canned dog food is an easy Kong stuffer. Simply spoon it into the Kong. Opt for pate-style canned foods, which have a paste-like consistency that adheres well. Pair it with kibble to add some crunch. According to the Blue Cross, a classic Kong combo is cottage cheese with banana.

Unsweetened yogurt is a healthy choice that many dogs love. Greek yogurt tends to be thicker. Be sure to only choose yogurts labeled for canine consumption, as some contain artificial sweeteners like xylitol that are toxic to dogs. Mash up cooked fruits and veggies to mix into the yogurt.

Always monitor your dog with new ingredients and supervise use of the Kong in case it presents a choking hazard.

Kong Stuffing Recipes

Kongs can be stuffed with all kinds of delicious ingredients that your pup will love. Here are some hearty recipes to try:

Turkey, Rice and Veggie Stew

This protein-packed stew is a great option for filling your pup’s Kong. Simply cook ground turkey, rice, and vegetables like carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes. Mash together and stuff into your Kong before freezing overnight. The turkey and rice will give your dog long-lasting energy, and the veggies provide important nutrients. See the full recipe at KONG Cuisine Turkey, Rice and Veggie Mix.

dog playing with stuffed kong toy

Sweet Potato and Salmon Bites

These omega-3 rich bites are full of dog-friendly flavor. Mash together cooked sweet potato and salmon, then form into small meatballs. Stuff the meatballs into your Kong and freeze. The sweet potato binds the balls together while providing vitamin A and fiber. Salmon contributes protein and heart-healthy fats. Get the complete recipe at Best Kong Recipes from Pupford.

Pumpkin and Yogurt Drop Treats

For a tasty frozen Kong, combine canned pureed pumpkin, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter. Drop spoonfuls of the mixture into your Kong. The pumpkin provides fiber to support digestion while the yogurt contains probiotics. Freeze the stuffed Kong for a cool, long-lasting treat on hot days. Find full instructions at Spirit Dog Training’s Kong Recipes.

Kong Pup-sicles

Frozen Kong recipes are a great way to keep your dog occupied and engaged. The cold treat will take them longer to finish, making it a more challenging and stimulating snack. Some tasty freezing ideas include:

Chicken or beef broth ice cubes – Freeze broth or stock in ice cube trays for a nutritious treat. Chicken, beef, and vegetable broth work well. Simply fill the trays and freeze.

Fruit pops – Blend together fruits like banana, blueberries, pineapple, mango, or apple with broth or yogurt, then freeze in Kongs or ice cube trays.

Yogurt bites – Plain or vanilla yogurt, often mixed with a bit of peanut butter or puréed pumpkin, can be spooned into Kongs and frozen for a cooling, healthier treat.

For more inspiration, refer to these creative recipes for frozen Kong stuffing ideas featuring different proteins, fruits, broths and yogurts.

Adjusting Recipes

When stuffing Kong toys, it’s important to consider your dog’s unique needs. Some adjustments may need to be made to account for allergies, intolerances, calories, or life stage.

For dogs with food allergies or intolerances like grains or chicken, swap out problem ingredients for foods your dog can safely eat. Consider substituting the protein or carbohydrate sources with options like sweet potatoes, beef, salmon, or egg. Always read labels carefully.

Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. Recipes can be tailored for puppies by using softer ingredients they can gum and chew easily, as well as incorporating premium puppy foods to meet developmental needs. Stick to recipes from reputable sources made for puppies. Kong also has recipes formulated just for puppies on their website.

Overweight dogs need lower calorie options. Replace high fat meats like bacon with leaner proteins like turkey or fish. Use low-fat yogurts and milk substitutes, and increase lower calorie fruits and vegetables. Also reduce or eliminate high calorie mix-ins like cheese, peanut butter, or oil. Check with your vet for calorie recommendations.

With some adjustments, Kong recipes can work for dogs with varying health needs and life stages. Swap ingredients as needed, but consult your veterinarian, especially for severe allergies or medical conditions.

Safety Tips

When giving your dog a Kong, it’s important to monitor them, especially when first introducing the toy. While Kongs are designed to be safe, excessive chewing or improperly sized Kongs can present potential choking hazards.

Make sure to select the appropriate sized Kong for your dog and supervise them during use. Do not leave dogs unattended with any toy or chew that could pose a choking risk. Additionally, inspect Kongs for any cracks or damage before each use.

When freezing Kong recipes, it’s best to store them in resealable plastic bags or containers. Allowing them to freeze overnight ensures the contents are solidly frozen and provides longer lasting enjoyment. Rotate through your supply of stuffed Kongs to keep things exciting for your dog.

For more safety tips, check out Kong’s safety guidelines or talk to your veterinarian.

Keeping It Exciting

To prevent your dog from getting bored with Kong stuffings, it’s important to rotate recipes and introduce novelty. Some ideas include:

  • Freezing stuffings – the cold texture will be new and exciting for your dog.
  • Pairing stuffed Kongs with interactive dog puzzles or toys – this combines mental and physical enrichment.
  • Rotating different Kongs – use the Kong Classic, Kong Wobbler, Kong Treat Ball etc to change up the experience.

Adding variety and novelty is key to keeping your dog engaged and challenged. Monitor your dog’s interest level and be creative with recipes, textures and puzzle pairings to stimulate them both mentally and physically.


With just a bit of creativity and planning, Kongs can provide dogs with hours of enriching mental and physical stimulation. This guide has covered the basics of stuffing techniques, simple dry and wet ingredients to use, full recipe ideas, adjusting for your dog’s needs, safety tips, and keeping it exciting over time.

The key benefits of using Kongs include providing positive reinforcement for independent play, slowing down fast eaters, keeping dogs busy when left alone, and tireing them out. Mental enrichment is just as important as physical exercise. Varying the fillings keeps dogs interested and prevents boredom.

For more Kong stuffing ideas, tips, and recipes, check out Kong’s official website or The American Kennel Club. With a bit of prep, you can provide your pup with a tasty challenge that stimulates their mind and body in a healthy way.

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